Library Board

Our library board consists of very generous volunteers that are committed to the growth and development of the library. We are always ready to welcome new members to the board. Our current board members are:

Chairperson: Jeff Goebel
Vice Chairperson and Treasurer: Leslie Kagi
Secretary: Tiffany MacDonald
Council Appointment: Jeff Goebel
Board Member: Dean LaBerge
Board Member: Laura Jean Wagner
Board Member: Shelley Witwer

Friends of the Swan Hills Library is the fundraising body for the library. The members are all volunteers and all the library board members are automatic members of Friends.

Our board meets the first Wednesday of the month (September, November, January, March, May) at 6:30 pm in the Library conference room.

The board meetings are open to the public and we encourage people who are interested in serving on the board to come and observe the meeting to see what we do and ask questions.

Contact April Wharton at 780-333-4505 for further information.