Code of Ethics

The Alberta Library Trustees Association Code Of Ethics

Library Boards exist to develop, promote and monitor library services as a public trust. To this end, library trustees should be committed to the following principles:

  1. The primary goal of public library trustees is to ensure that the public has access to the highest quality of library services possible.
  2. Trustees should ensure that each person has access to the most complete library service possible compatible with equal service for others. Where limitations in service are unavoidable, any inherent inequality of service should favor those residents least able to obtain alternate service.
  3. Library Trustees should observe ethical standards with truth, integrity, and honor.· Trustees should avoid situations where personal advantage or financial benefits may be gained at the expense of other library users.
    • Trustees should distinguish between their personal views and those of the institution by respecting the position of the board, even though they may disagree.
    • Trustees should respect the confidential nature of library records within the framework which allows for the monitoring of material usage and the need for public accounting.
  4. Trustees should respect the established structure of the library.
    • Trustees should attempt to work harmoniously with the board and ultimately accept its will.
    • Trustees should limit their trusteeship role to policy governance and advocacy.
  5. Trustees are expected to take responsibility for their personal development through continuing education opportunities and participation in provincial and national library organizations.
  6. Trustees should support intellectual freedom in the selection of library material.